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Typhoon Pro II Exceed Fin (Open Heel)

Typhoon Pro II Exceed Fin (Open Heel)


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The Typhoon Pro II Exceed revolutionary fin concept that delivers exceptional performance for all divers in all diving conditions.


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The Typhoon Pro II Exceed Fin is a sleek, ergonomic design that features a Balanced Variable Flex Blade. The blade adjusts to changing diving conditions without over-stressing ankles or legs. The Typhoon Pro II Exceed Fin (Open Heel) features a new low profile quick adjust buckle that is ergonomically designed into the blade, allowing for minimal water drag.
  • Blade made from a special thermoplastic material with superior flexibility
  • Innovative blade with differentiated thickness
  • Foot pocket made from thermoplastic rubber for ease of putting on and taking off
  • Support rails in two different materials
  • New low profile, tilting adjustment buckles prevents accidental unbuckling.
  • Wide footpocket made from black elastomers
  • Extensive anti-skid zone on the bottom of the footpocket
  • Protective elastomer edge along the entire front border of the blade
  • New thermoplastic rubber strap that keeps the foot perfectly in position in the pocket

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